Gaslight actor Vikrant Massey is proud of his journey; says, 'None of my producers have suffered loses' 

Gaslight actor Vikrant Massey is proud of his journey; says, 'None of my producers have suffered loses' 
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Apr 2023

Vikrant Massey is one of the most talented and skilled actors in the film industry. Time and again he has delivered some iconic and memorable roles. He has depicted timeless characters through his movies and web series. Vikrant, who last appeared in the murder mystery Gaslight, is proud of his journey. He aims to be an agent of change as Bollywood struggles through a rough time. While some big movies of top-class actors are experiencing failures the actor says none of his producers have suffered losses.

In a recent interview, the actor says that social media has created unfortunate noise and cacophony as it has become the primary source of news for most people. Reflecting on the poor phase of Bollywood where films are going through a debacle and not working well, Vikrant not at the cost of sounding pompous says he doesn't know what slump people are talking about considering the results of his movies. Vikrant Massey states that he is doing four to five films a year working with the best technicians in the country and none of his producers have suffered losses. He is proud to say that. Adding further he said in the entertainment business lives are dependent on people, and if people now are pleased with watching content on their phones, so be it.

He continued stating that his priority has always been to go and tell a good story and present himself as an actor who is capable of doing certain things. He hopes to continue delivering quality content as he thinks we are living in an age where medium doesn't matter but it should be quality content.

Meanwhile, Vikrant Massey played an antagonist in Gaslight also starring Sara Ali Khan and Chitrangada Singh. He became the main highlight of the film for his stellar performance. In his work kitty, he has a great lineup with the like of Vijay Sethupathi and Taapsee Pannu. He will appear in Mumbaikar alongside Vijay Dethupathi and reunite with Haseen Dilruba co-star for the sequel titled Phir Aayi Haseen Dilruba. His other upcoming projects include 12th Fail, Blackout and more.